We've broken our phase 2 into three options until the next rebalancing:

1. Aggressive Investor Stream (5%-30% PA)

  • Six months or 1-year lock-in periods. Maximum investment USD2,000.00

2. Conservative Investor Stream (10% PA)

  • Six months or 1-year lock-in. Maximum investment USD10,000.00

3. Flexible Passive Liquidity Lending (5% PA)

  • One-month notice for return of funds with computed interest. No limit.

* Conservative Rates have been used for this phase until the rebalancing to gauge a better next stage for the entire fund before a more public offering is given.*

Live Trading

We allot approximately 15-25% of the entire fund to weekly trades.

Automated Trading

Using bots set with specific parameters, a section of 30% of the fund is always making trades at any given moment to take advantage of volatility in the market.

Longer Term Investments

We believe in the value of investments we make in certain companies and projects, so a significant portion of 20% of the fund is for longer-term holds ranging from a couple of months to a year or even longer.

Reserve Fund

To hedge against black swan events, and market crashes - a reserve cash fund remains at the ready to be deployed or kept on the sidelines until necessary.

Micro-scale startup fund focused on blockchain technology and the value-chain of companies involved in the industry.


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